Mind, Body & Energy Balancing

These treatments focus on the flow of energy throughout and around the body. Similar to the circulatory system, the energy of our body moves along specific pathways and if these pathways become congested or blocked our health is affected.

Our therapists use a variety of techniques to release and encourage free movement of the energy of the body.

Mind, Energy, and Balancing

Chakra Balancing – is a treatment that focuses on the 7 major energy centers of the body. With the help of essential oils specifically blended for each chakra, we help make sure that the flow of energy is smooth and even throughout the body.

50 Minute Treatment…$45.

Reiki – is a hands-on healing technique that focuses on finding areas of constricted, stagnant energy and helps release that energy to areas that may be deprived of energy giving the body a more grounded and balanced sensation. Reports of the relief of chronic pain conditions are not uncommon, especially when regular soft tissue manipulation is contraindicated.

50 Minute Treatment…$45.

Cranial Sacral Work – is a subtle treatment of the joints in the skull, spine and hips that releases energy held by poor posture, repetitive motion patterns and injury. People suffering from chronic headaches and migraines have reported much improvement with this type of work.

50 Minute Treatment…$45.

Shiatsu & Acupressure – are treatments that originated in the Orient centuries ago. Using stretching techniques with specific finger pressure along 12 pathways of energy, called meridians, the therapist encourages the energy of the body to balance and realign itself. Shiatsu is a full-body modality, while Acupressure is used to treat specific conditions.

50 Minute Treatment…$60.

Reflexology – it is believed the entire body is mapped on the ears, hands and more commonly the feet, and that certain health complaints can be treated and energy balanced thru the application of pressure to areas reflected on the surfaces of these appendages causing a reflex response to a corresponding body part.

30 Minute Treatment…$20.
50 Minute Treatment…$45.

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